Saturday, October 25, 2008

US Electoral Votes '08 - Fearless Prediction

What's a US election without a bit of fun with the electoral college, huh?!

I mentioned on an earlier post that I would blog my prediction as to the outcome of the US elections. I am doing so now, a little earlier than I had planned, but, seeing as voting has already commenced, I might as well put my money where my mouth is.

I am having trouble uploading the image of my completed red and blue map of the USA, so I will give you the states' names, together with the number of electoral college votes for that state.

As previously mentioned, my predictions are not based on any polls, but on gut instinct from thousands of articles and blogs viewed in the past couple of months, and past voting patterns.

I believe strongly that in this election a far greater number of states are "in play" than polling would have us believe, which is why a couple of states that I predict will be in the red column will surprise a few people.

So, without further ado, here are The Hutch's fearless predictions for each camp, starting with the Blue corner:

Democrat states won (prediction):
Hawaii 4
Oregon 7
California 55
Minnesota 10
Iowa 7
Wisconsin 10
Illinois 21
Michigan 17
Pennsylvania 21
New York 31
Vermont 3
Massachusetts 12
Connecticut 7
Rhode Island 4
New Jersey 15
District of Columbia 3
Delaware 3
Maryland 10
for a total electoral college of 240.

And, in the Red corner
Republican states won (prediction):
Alaska 3
Washington 11
Idaho 4
Nevada 4
Arizona 10
Utah 5
Montana 3
Wyoming 3
Colorado 9
New Mexico 5
North Dakota 3
South Dakota 3
Nebraska 5
Kansas 6
Oklahoma 7
Texas 34
Missouri 11
Arkansas 6
Louisiana 9
Mississippi 6
Alabama 9
Georgia 15
Florida 27
South Carolina 8
North Carolina 15
Tennessee 11
Kentucky 8
Indiana 11
Ohio 20
West Virginia 5
Virginia 13
New Hampshire 4
Maine 4
for a total electoral college of 298.

So, my final prediction is Republican 298, Democrat 240.

Don't say you weren't told, now!

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